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Holistic massage involves a deep relaxing massage incorporating essential oils (aromatherapy). Before the session a consultation is taken so that an oil or oils can be chosen to match the client’s needs.

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants by methods such as steam distillation. Their energies are of a high frequency. When applied to the skin, the plant’s life force is absorbed into the body’s systems which can bring about energetic changes. I use essential oils of the purest highest vibrational frequency.

What can I expect during a treatment?

An appointment for a full body massage is for one hour. A soothing back massage (the next best thing!) lasts for 30 minutes and concentrates on specific problem areas.


Price : Full body massage  £45

Back massage  £25


Liz has a diploma in on-site acupressure massage from the academy of on-site massage, and a diploma in clinical aromatherapy from the northern college of clinical aromatherapy.

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